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Forum account activation email not being sent
I recently registered for an account on this forum willing to contribute with thoughts for improving the general user experience, gathering and spreading knowledge and help other users facing difficulty enjoying the MFC service.

The problem is: I am restricted to making 1 post per day. I'm fairly sure this is a result of my account not being activated. Well, I never received the activation email.

After multiple failed attempts to resend the activation email, I thought it could be because I registered with a gmail account and for some reason the mail server was not delivering it. Of course I checked the various folders (including the spam folder) to no avail.

So I tried changing my email address at the User CP to another mail provider. Still, no activation email messages being delivered. At this point, I can say with reasonable confidence that the SMTP server is not properly configured.

So my suggestion is to check the SMTP server configuration so we're not restricted to making 1 post per day.

I'm new on the platform please assist me on how to access the contents, when I try to open them it tells me to open cloud and I don't have access to the cloud account.

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