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Redboxes not available anymore
I have been using the MFC service for about three years now and recently I got message that I am out of space. I looked at my TV box and found that I had more than 4Gb spare on the device. I did not realize that it was a problem elsewhere. Then my movies all did not want to load. The message is "cannot connect and prepare source" 
I looked at the source and found that all the redboxes cloud sources where empty. I cannot remember signing up for the redboxes cloud service so I don't have any credentials.
I deleted those empty sources and installed Mega under mycouds but the movies still try and load from redboxes.
I deleted and reinstalled the MFC software but my information is obviously stored on a server somewhere.

I cannot find the redboxes service anywhere to try and register.

So the question is how does one fix this issue?

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